Inspirational Living

One of the things we love about our home is the living area. The wood floors and open space make it a very inviting area. Here are some photos of it’s current state. We plan to demolish the walls of the kitchen and replace that space with a huge kitchen island (8×4). Michael wanted an open concept floor plan so we wanted to make that happen!


8 6 7

I would love to expose the wood panels at the top, but we’re not sure if the wood there will be presentable or not. We will see!

Another hobby of mine, other than, playing soccer or watching endless hours of the Homeland tv show with Michael is Pinning on Pinterest! Here are some inspiration photos!

bathroom&Openconcept kitchen

I love the paint color in both of these kitchens! One of the kitchens uses the grey in the walls of the dining room, which I like! But, it looks like the other living area transitions to beige, which also looks good. Can’t wait to decide on the paint colors. Michael and I have been toying around with painting them a light grey. I think i’m going to use the colors in this kitchen when we go to granite yard!


Ignore the photo above of the sink, but I love the built ins. Michael is not really for it, but I think if’s affordable, we may consider it! This living space is a great inspiration pin since it has a great open concept look. We love the section and the coffee table. I like the blue ottomans, but the blue chairs are a little excessive.



I love everything about this dining table! I love the wing back chair at the end and even the two other chairs. Michael doesn’t care for the long bench so I could do without it. But, everything else looks good! I think the rug even is great!

More to come soon!

Michael & Mimi

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