The Bare Bones

and.. it’s ALL COMING DOWN. We broke ground the first week of March! We spent January and February meeting with architects and designers to finalize our floor plan. We played around with several different ideas, but we finally agreed on the following:

1. Make this home an open concept; we tore down the walls that separated the kitchen from the living room and dining

2. Raise the ceiling 18 inches

3. This home was initially a 4 bedroom and 2.5 bath. The bathroom configuration was 1 master bath, 1 full bath with a double sink and shower, and 1 0.5 bath in the hall way. We demolished the 0.5 bath since it was so small and gave some of that space to a hallway and built a utility room. We took the 1 full bath with a double sink and split it half, stole some square footage from the other rooms so that we could make 2 full private baths and full walk in closets for each of the guest rooms. We couldn’t be happier with the result!

4. Change our Master bathroom; create a walk in closet, add a bath and shower, close up 1 of the doors to the mater bath and need i say add a rain shower??

5. Demolish the old patio and take down the aluminum cover; replace with stamped concrete (and hopefully a pergola some day!)

20140326_115211 20140326_115226 20140326_115301 20140326_115312 20140326_115332 20140326_115338 20140326_115401 20140326_115632 20140326_115644 20140326_115708 20140406_115936 20140406_115940 20140406_120234 20140406_120240 20140406_120243 20140406_120253 20140406_120259 20140406_120308 20140406_120314 20140406_120321 20140406_120328 20140406_120336 20140406_120351 image_1 image_2 image_3 image_4 image_5 image_6 image_7 image_8 image_10 image_11 image_12 image_13 image_14 image_15 image_16 image_17 image_18 image_19 image_20 image_21


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