Before & After Photos!

Hi yall! I have had these saved on my computer for a while now, but haven’t had a chance to upload them! Well, here they are! These were taken when we were on the cusp of moving in! The next fun stage is DECORATING! We already got some great pieces already so can’t wait to show you guys what we found and our deals/steals! Enjoy! We hope to show you sometime in person so we can give you a real tour of some our favorite details not shown (e.g., see our closet turned desk, deep kitchen drawers for our plates and more, etc.)

Home Sweet Home – we removed the blue and stuck with a more neutral color! The before photos were taken from a professional photographer so some of these before photos might even look better than our after photos, which were taken from my iphone (hah!), but I promise, there is definitely a change!


The Great Room – Here are several shots of our great room! We love an open Concept! Don’t you love that orb chandelier? Completely inspired by Restoration Hardware!

8.0 7.0 6.0

Kitchen – Come over! Michael can’t wait to cook you something in our kitchen!

3.1 4.0 5.0 

Master Bedroom and Bathroom – Can you tell we love grey? We actually love our faucet and shower selections. They are so quiet when you are running a bath!


BathroomsHall bath turned into two full baths for guests! Couldn’t wait to take that yellow paint down. 


Bedrooms – goodbye to 1970 style and hello 2014!

11.0  12.0

Study/Bonus Room – We are still figuring out how we want to design this room! We’ll show you more once we get more furnished!


Outdoor living – Thank goodness for a new fence, new grass, and more! We love the lamp on outdoor patio. We have three matching ones that are all around the house! They came from a renovation project in Memorial and a family was getting rid of them since it didn’t match their style. We were able to use them! If you look closely, we turned them all upside down so they could fit perfectly in the space.

 16.0 17.118.0

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